"The Knee's: Not The Problem"   
Children growing up in fatherless homes are far more likely than children raised in two parent homes to engage in criminal behavior and thus, have contact with police. So when they father a child with a woman to whom they are not married--or at least living with--they are contributing to the problem against which these football players are taking a knee.  
If you look at many of these players' records on out-of-wedlock children, you find that they are contributing significantly to the problem against which they are protesting.  
For example:  
  • Antonio Cromartie has 12 children by 9 different women. Apparently the NFL had to shell out $500,000 before he could even play football for them.  
  • Travis Henry has 11 children by 10 women  
  • Willis McGahee has 9 children by 8 women  
  • Derrick Thomas has 7 children by 5 different women  
  • Bennie Blades has 6 children by 6 women  
  • Ray Lewis has 6 children by 4 women  
  • Marshall Faulk has 6 children by 3 women 
    Before these guys take a knee, they should take a good look in the mirror. It appears that their problem is not the knee.
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    In my life, I've lived ,  
    I've loved, I've lost,  
    I've missed, I've  
    hurt, I've trusted,  
    I've made mistakes,  
    but most of all I've learned.  
    Now my mission is to be  
    so busy loving my life  
    that I have no time for hate, regret, worry, fret, or fear. Alas, too bad we cannot learn these things when we are young. 
    May God be ever with you and  
    keep you, healthy, happy, and safe.
    "Lara's Theme" 
    Doctor Zhivago 
    Ev & Els 
    A beautiful woman loved growing tomatoes, but couldn't seem to get them to turn red. One day, while taking a stroll, she came upon a gentleman neighbor who had the most beautiful garden full of huge red tomatoes.  
    The woman asked the gentlemen, "What do you do to get your tomatoes so red?" The gentlemen responded, "Well, twice a day I stand in front of my tomato garden naked in my trench coat and flash them. My tomatoes turn red from blushing so much." 
    Well, the woman was so impressed; she decided to try doing the same thing to her tomato garden to see if it would work. So twice a day for two weeks she flashed her garden hoping for the best. 
    One day the gentleman was passing by and asked the woman, "By the way, how did you make out? Did your tomatoes turn red?" "No", she replied, "but my cucumbers are enormous!"
    Thank You, God, 
    for giving us the opportunity to change our country back to what You intended it to be. We glorify Your Name for all You've done in bringing Donald Trump into office. We 'Thank You' for the way so many of Your people prayed, and You answered. Now we pray that You continue to equip him and his team to take the leadership in our nation. We pray that You block those who would cause confusion or disrupt this transition in any way. Bring us together again as "one nation under God", where your values are upheld and every person is blessed. 
    In Jesus Name we pray.  
    TaTa mi Amies. See you another time. Take Care and God Bless all.