"What Is Shahada" 
This is an album of pictures of a Muslim hand sign.  
It is the Muslim way of silently saying the shadaha, "The only god is Allah and Mohammed is his prophet."  
Index finger extended vertically, symbolizing "one god."  
Probably 99.9% of the Americans don't know what Obama is indicating in these photos. Of course, now 'you' do!  
You are among that 0.1% that do.  
But you can bet that 100% of the Muslims of the world who view these photos of Obama absolutely know what he is telling them! Silently. Secretly. But at the same time,"openly".  He thinks the American people do not know what it means. Truthfully,  most of them didn't.  Hopefully they will now.  
The President of the United States is on their side! 
Why do you think Obama is importing thousands and thousands of Muslims?  He wants this to be a Muslim country with Sharia Law and one nation under Allah-Mohammed. 
God forbid.  
I know if everyone doesn't pitch in and try to help in the best way they can, 'as Congress just lets it happen',  we are going to regret, regret, regret,  what comes about. Write your CongressPeople.......Let them know how you feel and what 'you' want. It is your privilege. Take advantage of it.
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I personally think Obama is one of those persons who sits around with one finger in his mouth, one up his ass,  and ever once in a while he changes positions.
"Battle Hymn Of The Republic" 
U.S. Army Chorus 
Designed & Compiled 
Ev & Els 
Ninety Five years later, Barack Hussein Obama is following them.....to a tee! 
I cannot help but wonder why our Congress is so ignorant, or are they becoming Socialistic, 
or are they running scared.  Perhaps we will be informed one of these days. Hopefullly it 
will not be too late.
Until next time my friend!