"Must-Do List for 2016"  
1. Obama: 
(Farewell and Good Riddance.You are 'out' of here.)  
2. Put "God" back in America!  
3. Borders: Closed!  
(Go home, we 'cannot' afford you anymore.) 
4. Congress: On the same "Retirement & Healthcare Plans" as 
'we the people'! 
(Hallelujah Brother......Amen.)  
5. Congress: Obey its own laws "now"! 
(Would wonders never cease.)  
6. Language: English only!  
(Yeppers, if you can't talk our talk, hit the road.)  
7. Culture: Constitution - Bill of Rights! 
(Simply the right way do do it.)  
8. Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare! 
(You p, I p, We all p.)  
9. No freebies to Non-Citizens! 
(And that's the way it should be. Might save us all some money.)  
Citizens are human,  they might like some 'Freebies' occasionally. 
Seems, however, all we do is shell-out to the leeches. 
10. Balance the budget.  
(We are $18 Trillion in debt!) 
#1- No more retirement pay for Congress, unless they have been there for 20 years.  
Hopefully that will be in the past, as we need to 'impose term limits'. 
11. Stop giving away our money to foreign countries!  
(Charge them for our help!)  
We need it just as much 'or more' than they do.  
12. Fix the Tax Code!  
(Eliminate the "corrupt IRS" !)  
And a top priority:  
13. "Respect our Military - Respect our Flag.!"  
(What and where would our country be without our Military?) 
And.....Congress needs to respect America's Citizens.  You know, those people who pay their salaries.  
We the people 'should' be coming!  
And..........We hope it happens soon! 
God Bless America, In God We Trust. 
When we stop trusting inGod, we have lost all hope.  
I believe if Donald Trump becomes President, he will work on all of this. 
I am not sure what any of the other candidates might or might not do. As Trump says, most of them are in the donors pockets. I truly feel they would not do as much for the people as 'The Donald' might do. I think he is an arrogant braggart, but he is also an extremely wise, intelligent, no backing down, get it done, take no 'krap',  kind of person. A bit like Harry Truman. 
I think he would be a refreshing change for our country and could also get some things done that have needed to be done for a long time.  That is just my opinion. I might add,  I have been wrong before, but so were all those who voted for Obama.  I, thankfully, was not one of them. 
Remember when Playboy magazine reportedly offered Sarah Palin $4,000,000 to pose nude in an upcoming issue?  
Then Michelle Obama was offered $50 by National Geographic?  
And remember when KFC offered a "Hillary" meal, consisting of two small breasts and two large thighs?  
Now KFC is offering the "Obama Cabinet Bucket."  
It consists of nothing but left wings and chicken p00p!
"Press One For English" 
Ron & Kay Rivoli 
Ev & Els
CNN: Adoring Crowds Welcome First Family  
As They Enter Martha’s Vineyard For Vacation .
Always believe in God, because there are some questions even Google cannot answer. 
Ta-Ta, have a lovely day, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and every day. 
God Bless.