"Unkept Promises" 
While he was running in 2008, Barack Obama smugly proclaimed that his first priority for his presidency was to “fundamentally transform America.”  
The throngs of liberal sycophants roared in approval. They yammered that if enacted into law, the Obama agenda would transfer power from the “haves” to the “have-nots.” 
But, all along, how could they know what the true Obama agenda was?  
It was – and it is -- the forcible transfer of power from the American people into the hands of the federal government. 
Barack Obama’s single-minded mission is to hand the reigns of power to unelected bureaucrats, the union bosses, and his corporate cronies -- while ignoring the true will of the American people. 
Think about it: More than 70 percent of Americans believe that Obamacare should be repealed -- but the Obama administration is determined to ram it down our throats anyway. By whatever means necessary. In reality it is against the Constitution. The Supreme Court cannot pass a tax. It seems everything in this country is operating against either the law or the Constitution. I think our Congress People need to really get busy and take care of business. 
Here is all we ask:  
Obama: Gone !  
IRS: Gone!  
EPA: Gone  
Put "GOD" back in America !  
Borders: Closed!  
Congress: Obey its own laws. NOW!  
Language: English only!  
Culture: The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!  
Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!  
NO freebies: To Non-Citizens!  
Balance the budget: Stop giving away our money to foreign countries! We need it here! Charge them, not us for our help!  
Fix the Tax Code!  
And most of all " Respect our Military, our Flag, and our Religion. "  
This is America, abide by our laws and ways, or pack up and go! 
We neither want nor need you!
Compiled by: Ev