"Threshold of a Dream"  
T’was through a long and restless night that... just like in a book, I heard a noise, soft rustling sound, that made me turn and look.  
Before my very eyes, just then... for only me to see…. A Circle of Light - Wings moist from flight...this Vision came to me.  
( Be still, my heart, and do not faint, but ever steady stand…) ( I know not how - yet somehow know it’s a ‘friend’ who takes my hand! )  
We walked through the Valley, just this Angel and me… Through white drifts piled high with flakes of eternity.  
We came to rest awhile on Fate’s lonely beach… And watched life go floating by like ships just out of reach.  
Then on to lush green meadows, which seemed to be our goal… and there amid God’s beauty... She healed my wounded soul.  
( Is this a dream - I be not sure…. ) ( and if it is - will there be more? )  
“No… we had our time, child, you and I - you know what I say is so… But the time comes near for us to part - and you must let me go.”  
You were so small and life was hard...and then, you needed me. But you’ve grown up, found Strength & Truth...now it will set us free.”  
So here it was - in this place...more strange than any other that I, at last, saw her face…the Angel was my Mother!  
We climbed the Mountain of Memories... it was here she said she must stay, but she wrapped me in Wings - told me wonderful things, before sending me on my way.  
She led me again to the Circle, back from whence I came… I passed beyond Remembrance - and a longing that had no name.  
As I traveled through the vastness - watching the clouds unfurl… This whisper lingered on my ear...... ( “You’ll always be my girl.”)  
© Whisper