In our lives, we never know how many miracles we will need. A miracle is not the suspension of natural law, but the operation of a higher law. 
I know you'll keep the ball moving! 
Here it goes.  
Throw it back to someone who means something to you!  
A ball is a circle, no beginning, no end. It keeps us together like our Circle of Friends. 
But the treasure inside for you to see is the treasure of friendship you've granted to others. 
Today I pass the friendship ball to you.  
When you are sad..... I will dry your tears. 
When you are scared.....I will comfort your fears.  
When you are worried.......I will give you hope.  
When you are confused......I will help you cope. 
And when you are lost...and can't see the light,  
I shall be your beacon...shining ever so bright.  
This is my oath.....I pledge till the end. 
Why you may ask?.... 
Because you're my friend. 
Signed:  GOD  
Pass it on to someone, if you like. If you don't the Bird of Paradise will not fly up your nose.
"You've Got A Friend In Me" 
By:  Randy Newman