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"The Solitary Walker" 
I went inside my head today. 
It was a funny place. 
I came across all kinds of junk. 
It was a real disgrace. 
Some half-digested theories 
Were lying all around, 
With long-forgotten queries, 
The answers never found. 
And lots of lovely words were there 
Though most had not been said, 
And heaps of intellectual books 
Most of them unread. 
Some much-distorted memories, 
Some photos from the past, 
Some childhood fears and hang-ups 
Which were never meant to last. 
Some poems learnt by heart at school 
Were written on the wall, 
But all the stuff I did at work 
I couldn't see at all. 
Poor Jimmy H, and Jerry G, 
And Janis Joplin too, 
Were jostling for the centre stage 
Until they fell right through. 
An effigy of Buddha 
And a wise koan of Zen 
Were stacked neatly in the corner 
Should I visit them again. 
One day I'll get a card index 
And classify the lot, 
But on the other hand I might 
Just let them all go rot. 
I went inside my head today. 
It was a funny place. 
I found so many things but 
Of myself there was no trace.
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"The Impossible Dream" 
By:  Andy Williams 
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