When Trump purchased and rebuilt Mar-A-Lago, the grand mansion and estate in Palm Beach,Florida, he got into a dispute with the city fathers who are well known for being strict on zoning regulations.Trump put up a 50-foot flag pole even though 30 feet is the maximum allowed to not be overly patriotic and offend other nationalities.  
The city imposed a $1,000 per day fine while Trump and city officials argued back and forth. Finally, when the fine had reached a total of $120,000 Trump proposed a solution. He would donate that amount to veteran's organizations, would move the flag to a different spot in front of the mansion, and would only use a 30 foot flag pole.The city agreed. So Trump brought in the company that does his golf course construction,  had them build a 20-foot high grassy hill, and put the 30-foot flag pole on top of that.  
Now, would you rather have Trump negotiating an Iranian deal, or any deal,  or would you rather have Hillary...."What Difference Does It Make"?
"One Good Deed" 
A man finds himself in front of the Pearly Gates to heaven. In front of them, stands a guardian angel. 
As the man approaches, the angel greets him and warns him it is not so easy to get in heaven. There are some criteria before entry is allowed.  
For example, was the fellow religious in life?  
The guardian angel told him that's bad.  
Was he generous? Gave money to the poor? Charities?  
The guardian angel told him that that too was bad.  
Did he do any good deeds? Help his neighbor? Anything?  
The guardian angel was becoming concerned.  
Exasperated, the angel says, "Look, everybody does something nice sometimes. Work with me, I'm trying to help. Now think!"  
The man says, "There was this old lady. I came out of a store and found her surrounded by a dozen Hell's Angels. They had taken her purse and were shoving her around, taunting and abusing her. I got so mad I threw my bags down, fought through the crowd, and got her purse back. I then helped her to her feet, and went up to the biggest, baddest biker and told him how despicable, cowardly and mean he was and then spat in his face".  
"Wow", said the angel, "That's actually very impressive. When did this happen"?  
"Oh, about 10 minutes ago", replied the man.  
"The Nice Man" 
A man was riding a bus, minding his own business, when the gorgeous woman next to him started to breast-feed her baby.  
The baby wouldn't take it, so she said, "Come on sweetie, eat it all up or I'll have to give it to this nice man next to us."  
Five minutes later, the baby was still not feeding, so she said, "Come on, honey. Take it or I'll give it to this nice man here."  
A few minutes later, the anxious man blurted out, "Come on kid. Make up your mind!  I was supposed to get off four stops ago."
The best way to make  a small fortune in the stock market is to start off with a big one. 
Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient,  but the best things come to those who do not give up. 
The tallest oak in the forest was once a 'little nut' that held its ground. 
Tough times never last but tough people do.
May God Bestow upon us all 
His Love and His Blessings.
Dear God, 
We ask you to protect our country 
from those who seek to destroy it. To protect all of its people from the graft and corruption that goes on within our Government and to keep us safe from the terrorists who have now come across our borders and live amongst us. And please God, let our next President be the "people's choice" and not that of the RNC, Congress, The Elitists, 
or The Establishment.  
Please stay with us and stand by us. 
We ask in Jesus name.  
"So Many Ways" 
Brook Benton 
Ev & Els 
Until next time. 
Ciao. Take care.