"Prayer Request For Our Country"  
Be still and know that I am God..  
Psalms 46:10 
A "prayer chain" is a request to pass the article on to friends/family ...  
(to at least one other person) so as to 'not' break the chain... 
It will travel many, many miles around the country, maybe the world,  
depending on who sends it to "wherever"... 
Please take time to do this and not break the chain on this important prayer...  
After reading this prayer, be sure to "Thank God" for listening  
and trust in "His Will" to be done.  
Heavenly Father,  
Please give us a president that loves this country  
and everything it stands for. 
Please give us a president who respects you as the one true God. 
Please give us a president who will, with your help,  
restore this nation to its former glory, the way you created her.  
Please help us to respect what you have given to us and  
not take anything for granted ever again. 
Also Father weaken the evil and strengthen the good,  
both within and without. May our eyes be opened.  
Not our will but 'your will be done'. 
In Jesus' name, Amen.  
"I will be exaulted among the nations, I will be exaulted in the earth". 
As never before in the history of this country has this plea been so necessary....  
In God We Trust and we pray that "God will Bless America".
This prayer was sent around by many persons and because many, many 
of them prayed for our cause, God answered and sent us Donald Trump. 
He did indeed Bless America.  We have much to look forward to in the  
coming eight years and I know if anyone can get done what needs to be done,  
it will be our President Trump.  He does not give up and he is in it for the 
long haul and the win. 
He is changing history for the better and as sure as I am sitting here 
typing this, I know it was definately Gods will. 
Thank You God. 
God Bless our Country, God Bless our people, and  
God Bless Donald Trump and his family.